Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico played an important role in the development of education, transportation and commerce.

Rio Piedras now part of San Juan, has played an important role in the development of the island’s education, transportation and commerce.

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By 1647, there already existed a chapel devoted “Nuestra Señora del Pilar”

Originally founded in 1714, it has been the home of the University of Puerto Rico main campus since 1903. The university was a central part of the development of Rio Piedras, both in housing and economically.
In 1823 a Parrish house an a jail were built. At that moment the urban area of Rio Piedras consisted of three buildings.
In 1835 the first stagecoach line was created in Rio Piedras, traveling between San Juan and Rio Piedras. And also the governor repair the central highway that connected San Juan and Caguas, passing though Rio Piedras.
Consolidated with the capital municipality of San Juan, Puerto Rico since 1951.
Originally known as El Roble, it eventually adopted the name of the river that crossed its territory (Río Piedras in Spanish).
During the nineteenth Century, most of its territory was used for agricultural and livestock-raising purposes.  Sugar cane, cotton and coffee were some of the goods produced during this era at the municipality.
The growth of Rio Piedras is related to the strategic position. Near to the capital, the region became the main food and water supplier
The geographic location was also crucial for the communication between San Juan and the rest of the island. Was a center of public transportation.

According to the 2000 census, Río Piedras had a population of 332,344. That is more than any municipality in Puerto Rico and 77% of the population of San Juan.


Rio Piedras is perhaps more known for being the site of the main campus of the University of Puerto Rico. Located in downtown Río Piedras, the university has more than 20,000 students.
The Botanical Gardens of the University are also located at Río Piedras.Botanical Garden
Other universities located in Río Piedras are the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico and the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, Metropolitan Campus.
Rio Piedras is served by the train with two stations, one in the front of the university and the second in the middle of the town.
“Línea Sultana”, provide transportation to and from San Juan and Mayaguez.
From Rio Piedras you can take public transportation to and from Fajardo and Rio Piedras.
“Línea Yaucana” provides transportation to and from San Juan to Ponce.


Casa Georgetti

In the heart of Río Piedras lies the “Paseo de Diego” a one-kilometer pedestrianized street with stores and shops. There is Río Piedras “Plaza del Mercado” (Marketplace), which is the largest and the oldest of its kind on the island and features a series of shops that offer goods and services.
Ponce de León Avenue is popular, restaurants, bookstores, small theaters, night-life, which involves others activities for students, faculty, and intellectuals in the community.

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