Vacation for everybody. “Deaf people are invited”

“Vacation”, when we think in this word we associate it with travel. Imagine how difficult it can be for a blind person, with wheelchair or deaf to travel?

Visiting new places brings knowledge, culture and personal enrichment.r an excursion can be difficult, or even impossible. However, such simple actions like visiting a museum, choosing a hotel

Tourism for deaf:

Deaf is one of the most neglected sectors in the tourism sector.
Accessibility to them is very limited. They can move smoothly and are not sick in most cases, it is thought that they have more opportunities than others, which is not entirely true.

This disability is different. Most deaf only understands sign language and many are literate. But very few people in our society knows sign language.
Because there are many fears. Based on this premise; Imagine not being able to be understood? Imagine being lost and not being able to ask? Vacationing being deaf is a challenge.

How do I take a taxi? 
How do I select a dish in a restaurant? 
Where I can go without fear of getting lost? 
With them in mind “Dreams Hotel in Puerto Rico” has designed vacation packages that include stay and visit to several places. Will be include in a trip a person who can speak sign language and accompany them around Puerto Rico.

We have adapted rooms for people with hearing needs, to make your stay more pleasant.
For information on our packages can apply through or

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